Shammies are four little and curious creatures

They already know how to play, but many exciting things are still to be discovered and learned - who lives in the bathroom, what kind of house their new pet need, whether it is possible to get well by eating candies, with whom it would be nice to get married and which is the best hiding place. Luckily dear, wise Mr. Cat is always around to help.



Sockie likes receiving guests, is merrily skipping around and dancing, and likes dressing up like a little lady. She likes housekeeping and tidying up so that everything looks beautiful. Sockie is a good driver, fast runner, and is good at kicking. She is very kindhearted though – if someone stumbles she comforts them, and takes care of everyone at the breakfast table.



Hankie sees magical things everywhere and is good at telling stories. He hears Water Monster in the bathroom, sees a puppy – a ball of yarn and cradles a baby – a little button. Everyone believes that he even has a real tiger. Hankie is light and careless and sometimes in a hurry gets tangled. He cries and laughs a lot, and being with him is
never boring.



Mitten is so brave he wouldn't be afraid of even a big tiger almost not at all. If he hears strange sounds coming from the bathroom, he goes there and checks out what’s happening. Mitten is very friendly and wants everyone to take part in games and adventures. He is strong, quick and likes contests, being number one and winning. He never tells lies or fibs, but sometimes gets angry and wants to punch someone.



Pillow is a good friend that is always ready to help – if he hasn’t fallen asleep at that moment. Pillow is kindhearted, gentle and likes cuddling up in a corner and sleeping for a while, but wants not be forgotten and asked to go along with others. He loves eating sweets, sometimes though when eating candies he gets stuck somewhere. It is easy to fool Pillow, but he never takes it as insult.


Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat is always near and keeps an eye on Shammies, he takes care of them, fondles them, explains and teaches things. At the same time he lives his own, separate and mysterious life. Sometimes Mr. Cat grins to himself and says: “You little sillies”. He knows how to open the tap so that you wouldn’t need to wait for the next year to take a bath. He also knows how come there is a tiger in the house.

See Shammies

How Shammies bathed

How Shammies guessed

How Shammies teeter-tottered

Song "Five soppy years"

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How the Shammies Swapped & How the Shammies Bathed Book + DVD

New set of Shammies products consist of DVD, CD, the book and the calendar. The DVD features 6 animation shorts by Edmunds Jansons created in studio Atom Art in which Shammies want to find out who lives in the bathroom, what kind of house their new pet needs, whether it is possible to get well by eating candies, with whom it would be nice to get married, and which is the best hiding place. The films are in Latvian as well as in English. CD with 13 songs (in Latvian) by Jekabs Nimanis composed especially for the films is included in the package.

The book The Shammies’ Morning' by well-known Latvian children poet Inese Zandere in 3 stories tell about Shammies' busy mornings.

The Shammies calendar for year 2016 created by Reinis Petersons includes 12 poems by Inese Zandere. The book and the calendar are in Latvian.

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About the project

Shammies is

animated cross media project for pre-school children about discovering the world based on children games, fantasies and word plays. The project consists of short films, web episodes and published books.

Since 2010 six short films produced by animation film studio Atom Art (director Edmunds Jansons, author Ineses Zandere, artist Reinis Petersons,) have been premiered - How Shammies bathed (2010), How Shammies Were Getting Married (2014), How Shammies Played Hide and Seek (2015), How Shammies Built a House (2015), How Shammies Got Well (2015) and How Shammies Tidied Up (2015); and two web episodes were published on the Internet - How Shammies Teeter-tottered (2012) and How Shammies Guesed (2013). The films in two language versions (ENG, LAT) are available in DVD format.

The short films about Shammies have been screened in more than 70 festivals all over the world, among them Chicago International Children Film Festival, New York Children Film Festival, 19th International Animation Festival of Brazil „Anima Mundi, “Tricks for Kids” International Trickfilm Festival of animated film Stuttgart, Zlin International Film Festival, a.o.

Best Animation Artist, national award „Lielais Kristaps”, 2011
Special Award "The Best Film for Young Children (Ages 2-5) at 29th Chicago International Children's Film Festival, USA, 2012;
The Best Animated TV Series Silver Award, Xiamen International Animation Festival, 2013, China.

Children book publishing house Liels un mazs have published two books by Inese Zandere - How Shammies Swapped Toys (2011) (sold-out in 2012) and The Shammies' Morning (2015), as well as the calendar drown by Reinis Pētersons for 2016. How Shammies Swapped Toys has received Jāņa Baltvilka book award in 2012, Latvia.

CD with 13 songs composed and preformed by Jēkabs Nīmanis especially for the short films, has been published in one package together with DVD. In spring 2016 as the part of concert program "For the Smallest" Jēkabs Nīmanis together with his friends is going to perform songs from the animation films.

Production team

Author: Inese Zandere
Director: Edmunds Jansons
Designer: Reinis Pētersons
Original Music: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Sound Design: Ģirts Bišs
Lead Animator: Mārtiņš Dūmiņš
Production Manager: Ieva Vaickovska
Producer: Sabīne Andersone

Produced by animation film studio Atom Art
in cooperation with publishing house liels un mazs.

Financial Support / Partners

National Film Centre of Latvia logo National Film Centre of Latvia
Media Development logo Media Development
First Motion logo First Motion (Programme 2007 - 2013 of the Baltic Sea Region)
Culture Capital Foundation logo Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia
LIAA logo LIAA - Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
LTV1 logo LTV1 - Latvian Television
Dandeloo Dandeloo


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